There are ten short multiple-choice questions on the exam. The pass mark is 75%, meaning you need to answer fifteen questions correctly. Please select only one answer for each question.

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Section 1: Knowledge Test

Question 1*
Product hazards must be identified by specific symbols.
Question 2*
SDS means Safety Data Sheets.
Question 3*
There are three types of labels: temporary, supplier and workplace.
Question 4*
Materials can enter your body by injection, ingestion and inhalation only.
Question 5*
WHMIS means Worse Hazardous Materials in your System.
Question 6*
Workplace labels require a ‘hatched’ border.
Question 7*
I will need further training to be completely WHMIS trained.
Question 8*
WHMIS is a National Program.
Question 9*
Workplace labels have three components.
Question 10*
SDS information can be written abbreviated to save space.
Question 11*
Supplier labels and SDS must be in place to receive and use Hazardous Material’s in the workplace.

Section 2: Recognizing hazards

Match the WHMIS symbols with the appropriate definition. Type the corresponding letter into the appropriate text box below.
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