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Trust the experts to keep your home safe and your insurance policy active.

Your home insurance policy may not cover damages that occur when your home is unoccupied. While you are away, we can

  • visit your home regularly
  • respond to alarms
  • water plants
  • check appliances
  • collect mail
  • adjust lighting and window coverings
  • make your home look occupied
  • email inspection reports with photos after each visit

Let’s discuss how Commissionaires can secure your home today! Call 250-727-7755 to learn more or contact us here.

We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to meet your home security needs. Whether short notice service while you’re on vacation, something long-term, or even a security audit, the Commissionaires are ready to help you protect your home.


With over 83 years of service across Vancouver Island, Commissionaires’ security professionals are available 24/7 to fit your unique security needs.

Our experience in protecting people, information & property, and providing peace of mind to our clients is built on our professional experiences as retired service personnel with the Canadian Armed Forces and Royal Canadian Mounted Police. Our long history and integrated services mean we can offer the customized security solutions you need for your unique business. Call today or send us a message and let the Commissionaires’ experience secure your interests.

Commissionaires security guards are highly trained to meet and exceed the Province of B.C. standards for security workers and in accordance with the Canadian General Standards Board for security officers. Our professional in-house center training prepares our guards to handle the unexpected, stop crime before it happens, and respond to emergency situations, while offering exceptional customer service.

Call 250-727-7755 to learn more. If you have further questions, please contact us.

Mobile Patrol

Commissionaires Mobile Security Patrols offer Industry-Leading Service


Commissionaires is proud to operate in line with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals for a better future for all, including the protection of the environment, compliance with government regulations, and prevention of pollution.


Using industry-leading practices, continued development & integration of artificial intelligence, and advanced video analytics paired with live operator intervention, Commissionaires will respond to your event in real-time.


With an increase in petty crime across the Islands including trespassing, break-ins, theft, and destruction of property, Commissionaires Mobile Patrol service can be the deterrent and response that your business needs to ensure your assets remain safe.


We never take a day off. Our 24/7 mobile patrol service reassures your safety and protection needs because we’re there when you need us to safeguard your property.


The Canadian Corps of Commissionaires serves a variety of clients across the country, acting as Canada’s first choice in security services.

  • Our clients include:
    • Large and small businesses: Office buildings, mills, shipyards, and Federal and Provincial employers
    • Ports and critical infrastructures: Seaports, harbours, airports, and more
    • Public and private organizations: Museums, art galleries, schools, and colleges
    • Construction sites: Commercial, residential, industrial, we do it all

Live Video Monitoring

Commissionaires can monitor most existing networked recorders or design and install a custom CCTV system for you. We offer:

It is estimated that less than 10% of all video cameras are being monitored in real-time, with cameras only recording once an event has already triggered a sensor and leaving no opportunities to stop the event in its tracks. Live video monitoring is proactive and deters crime at the perimeter before it happens. When an alert is received, Commissionaires take appropriate action, such as providing a real-time audio warning to the intruder – most often causing them to flee the scene, thus deterring crime before it happens. As needed, we will dispatch our mobile guards or police services to secure the scene.

If Commissionaires identify a risk to your site, we react immediately and will:

  • Communicate directly to the location, sending audio warnings via loudspeaker
  • Dispatch our mobile guards or police services
  • Contact you (or the keyholder, depending on your security instructions)

Nine times out of ten the loudspeaker warning is enough to drive the intruders away and stop crime before it takes place.

As our professional security staff is watching and reporting on live footage, emergency services will react immediately to investigate the issue. In comparison, if it was a static alarm signal, without any visual verification, the incident may be deprioritized, leading to longer response times and an increased potential for damage or theft. Commissionaires can monitor most existing networked recorders or design and install a new CCTV system for you.

Contact us today for your free custom quote.

Elevator Monitoring Service

Commissionaires Victoria, the Islands and Yukon is proud to be able to offer elevator monitoring through our 24/7/365 operations center located in Victoria.

You have probably noticed a telephone or call button in elevators that allow you to call for help should the elevator get stuck due to power loss or system failure. We are the ones who respond to that distress call.

Being trapped, left in the dark and not knowing when the light will be back on or when the door will open can be very serious. Our personnel are trained to provide a calming voice and can take action to help.

Commissionaires will inform the appropriate authorities whether property management, elevator service repair or the fire department.

Elevator Monitoring with a difference

Commissionaires exceed expectations by being one of the only elevator monitoring companies that has mobile patrol units available to be dispatched to the location as needed. Commissionaires can access buildings, obtain physical keys, operate key switches, and escort elevator service repair companies as needed.

Contact us today for more information.

Investigative Services

Complete investigative and surveillance services

Our experienced investigators come from former police services and private industry investigations. Remove doubt through discreet inquiries, observation, and surveillance to find the facts upon which good, sound decisions can be made. Investigators are here to help you with personal, workplace, or insurance surveillance for suspected frauds, domestic situations, child custody issues, relationship issues, and more. Some typical scenarios involve:

  • Locates/estate settlements for service of documents
  • Child and family maintenance issues
  • Service of divorce documents and foreclosures
  • Missing persons (Law firms and individuals occasionally need to find people with whom they have lost contact over time)

Commissionaires investigators meet the Province of B.C. licensing requirements and are registered with the Private Investigators Association of B.C.

Please call 250-727-7755 to learn more. If you have further questions, please contact us.

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