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Non-essential travel outside of Canada has been suspended until further notice because of the COVID-19 pandemic. If you are traveling to the US for essential purposes only and require a travel waiver, please call 778-405-1059 and speak with our identification technician for details. Thank-you for your understanding. The United States can refuse admission to any person convicted of a criminal offence. Refused entry to the United States will disrupt your travel plans. Let us help you with your application.


Commissionaires Victoria, the Island and Yukon (CVIY) will simplify your US Travel Waiver application process.

The fee for service is $495.00, plus GST for the first charge. Service for additional charges after the first charge is $50.00 for each charge, plus GST. You are responsible for waiver application fees of $585.00 payable to the US Border Services.

Combine your US Travel Waiver
with a Criminal Record (Pardons) Suspension

If you’re applying for a US travel waiver, you can apply for your criminal record suspension at the same time. The fee for this service $650.00 plus GST for the first charge. Additional charges after the first charge are $50.00 each, plus GST.

Drop-ins are welcome, but appointments are highly recommended to avoid long wait times. To book an appointment please call 778-405-1059 or, click here, to schedule an appointment online.


Records of criminal convictions are kept on the Canadian Police Information Centre (CPIC)computer database. CPIC is connected to the United States National Crime Information Centre (NCIC) which gives access to US Customs, Immigration and State Police departments. Once a person’s record has been checked by a US official, it is kept on the NCIC. If a pardon is obtained in Canada, it is not recognized by US authorities and does not guarantee US entry – a travel waiver is typically still required.


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