ID cards

Commissionaires Victoria delivers high quality, tamper resistant identification cards or access cards individually designed to meet each client’s requirements. Our services include the design, photography and lightning quick production including hard plastic photo ID badges, scanner barcodes or magnetic strips. For permanent display, the cards can be delivered with clips or lanyards.

Why Use ID Cards?

ID cards are an easy way to help your staff identify as part of your organization. Using ID cards is a simple way to quickly implement internal security procedures that will protect your staff and facilities.

ID Card Applications

ID Cards are used to verify the identity of citizens, employees, students, permit holders, and event participants. They can also be used to identify employees to the public so they know with whom they are dealing and who to contact should they need assistance.

Fake identification can allow someone to establish an identity, obtain privileges, rent vehicles, and even to obtain other pieces of ID that will allow them past security checkpoints. The first line of defence against the use of fraudulent identification is the human inspector. Several levels of visual security for ID cards may discourage counterfeiting and increase assurance of validation. Today’s access control technology with ID card software offers tremendous benefits to organizations of every size and scope. ID Cards are used to ensure the person is who they say they are, they have the right to be where they are and they can be trusted.

Designing new ID cards or access cards for your organisation? Let us help.

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