Campus Security – Supporting health and well-being on a historical national site - Commissionaires (Victoria, the Islands and Yukon Division)

Commissionaire Rob Cox leads the security department at the Royal Roads University campus located in Hatley Park, a national historic site in Colwood, British Columbia on Vancouver Island. Since 1995, the Hatley Castle estate, an Elizabethan-style castle classified as a Federal Heritage Building complimented by its formal gardens and 565 acres (229 hectares) of grounds, have graced the presence of celebrities as a production site for television shows and movies while post secondary classes are ongoing and members of the general public tour its grounds.

In Phase 3 of British Columbia’s COVID-19 pandemic reopening, commissionaire Rob Cox and his team are supporting social distancing safety protocols on campus for the Royal Roads University support staff in anticipation of the estate grounds opening up to the general public for the first time since mid March.

Prior to joining Commissionaires, Rob Cox’s background included training experience that shaped him well to fulfill his role as a security professional in an academic environment, “In the military, I did a lot of instructing. I did one tour as an academic instructor, and two tours as a flying instructor on jets, so I find that comes in handy for training new people in the detachment. And, the university uses me for teaching a class. We provide naloxone here to anybody who wants to carry a naloxone kit, so I do a lecture on naloxone treatment. I do that a few times a year. I set up a class and I will teach it, hand out naloxone kits. That teaching background is kind of handy.”

When asked if there were skills from his past Royal Canadian Air Force experience that were transferable for his present day security work, Cox says, “As a detachment commander it’s basic officer stuff so lots of administration skills that I learned as an officer because I was in a high security environment. And a lot of time [spent] in Europe when terrorism was high over there, you kind of develop an eye for things secure, it just becomes natural. That is the biggest transferable thing, I can walk through a building and look at it and say that’s not right.”

Security on patrol at Royal Roads University campus under commissionaire Rob Cox’s direction, fully support the academic community’s health and safety measures and guide international visitors to see the beauty within one of British Columbia’s most beautiful national historic sites.

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